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Improv Specializations

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Improv Specialization courses allow students to explore specific areas of interest within improv. These classes focus on particular styles or advanced techniques, providing opportunities for students to tailor their improv education to their personal interests and goals. Perfect for those looking to diversify their improv repertoire

Prerequisites: Courses and workshops have individual requirements


The skills learned in Improv Specializations

Improv Styles

  • Narrative
  • Musical
  • Premise
  • Dramatic
  • Genre

Specialized Skills

  • Physical Comedy and Clowning
  • Improv Storytelling
  • Acting for Improvisers

Past Workshops and Courses

Have a look through our past workshops and courses to get inspired about whats to come. Teachers are available for hire for private group courses so if you assemble a group of improvisers and have a course you are interested in contact us.