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Narrative Improv 201

Experience Level: Advanced

Requirements: Narrative 101

Building on the fundamentals of narrative improvisation from Narrative 101, Narrative 201 takes a deeper dive into the art of storytelling on stage. This advanced course is all about enriching your narrative improv with more complex layers: deepening character development, expertly navigating characters through obstacles, heightening stakes and tension, and crafting arcs that reach satisfying conclusions and resolve loose ends.

By the end of Narrative 201, you’ll be adept at weaving together actions and consequences that enhance the story and ensure your characters grow and change in meaningful ways. Prepare to take your improvisational storytelling to new heights, creating unforgettable narratives that resonate with depth and excitement.

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Narrative Improv 101

Experience Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: Improv Performance or equivalent

Telling stories is part of our nature. We are surrounded by them in the movies and theatre, in books and comics, in the pubs, around the dinner table, and the list goes on!

When performing narrative improv, we set out on a journey with our team to tell a story. It is simple but not always easy. Although narrative improv uses similar techniques as other styles, it follows different patterns. It, therefore, requires a new perspective and toolset to do effectively.

This workshop is for advanced improvisers who want to learn how to develop engaging stories live on stage without a script. Through interactive exercises and group activities, you will discover new techniques for creating characters, building storylines, and using dialogue to bring your piece to life.

At the end of the course, you will know how to create fascinating and spontaneous stories on the spot. In addition, you will have exercised skills in building engaging worlds, story structure, and how to follow consequential actions to create a narrative, as well as learn the characteristics necessary for a good protagonist (or villain).

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Taming the Wild West

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Prerequisites: Improv Essentials: Advanced Scene Work and Long Form Basics or equivalent

Get ready for a rip-roaring adventure through shootouts, showdowns, and Wild West wonders as you saddle up for SuperCut’s 12-hour Intensive, where your genre improv skills will reach new frontiers.

While our primary focus lies in the untamed lands of the Wild West, the techniques and insights gained from this genre study workshop transcend boundaries. They can be applied to conquer any imaginative realm.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of theoretical and practical training, where you’ll explore common storylines, themes, characters, locations, objects, lingo, and more!

This course will enable you to develop a deep understanding of genre improv beyond clich├ęs and accents, empowering you to create authentic, relatable, and unforgettable moments on stage.