Inconspicuous is a company dedicated to the art of improvisation and spontaneity.

Our comedy workshops take your comedic talents to new heights, whether you’re a seasoned improv comedian or an aspiring performer.

Led by seasoned instructors who regularly perform at our Comedy Shows, our classes offer a blend of theory, practice, and sheer fun.

Discover your unique comedic voice, and upskill your improv while exploring various styles and genres.

We also offer specialized applied improvisation workshops on public speaking and presentation skills, which are essential in today’s world.

These workshops are designed to empower individuals from all walks of life, equipping them with the tools to captivate audiences, command attention, and leave a lasting impact.

We offer workshops for businesses to improve team cultures and business development skills.

Visit our Business website for more on improv in the workplace.

Current Teachers

Here you can find out more about the instructors leading the upcoming workshops and courses.

Sarah McGillion

Sarah is the director and owner of Inconspicuous. She is an Irish improviser and actor who has been performing and teaching improv comedy in Copenhagen since 2016. With a background in theatre from the age of four, she has a flair for characters and storytelling.

She performs regularly with her character-driven comedy duo show “If These Walls Could Talk,” the narrative genre team “SuperCut.”

Sarah has trained and performed improv across Europe, North America, Australia, and Africa.  From home and abroad, Sarah brings extensive experience from performing, teaching, and coaching countless hours in many different improv styles.

Martin Baré

Martin Baré is a seasoned improvisational theater performer and educator with over 15 years of experience. Currently a member of the Copenhagen-based team “Supercut,” who excel in various genres, from Western to sci-fi.

As an experienced improv teacher, Martin creates fun and engaging classes, focusing on finding comedy in specifics, POV, and creating real reactions in absurd situations.

Martin’s transformative classes aim to sharpen your skills, embrace your silly side in a serious way, and (re)discover the joy of improvisation.

Eoin O’Sullivan

Eoin is an improviser, Radio/Podcast presenter, and audio producer. Through ten years of experience performing across Australia and Europe. Eoin has honed his storytelling skills on stage and on Mic.

Now based in Copenhagen, he performs regularly as part of the SuperCut troupe, pushing the boundaries of narrative improv. As well as dipping into the less linear side of things from time to time.

Geraint Nott

Geraint is a versatile comedian, actor, improviser, and writer. He ventured into professional sketch writing in 2010 with A Box Full of Comedy in Cardiff, Wales. In 2016, he created, wrote, filmed, directed, acted, and edited six 22-minute episodes of sketch comedy for a local TV channel.

With a background in stand-up across the UK, a BBC drama appearance as a London taxi cab driver, and a knack for writing and directing short plays for Copenhagen Theatre Circle, Geraint is a dynamic presence in the Copenhagen performance scene.

Catch him performing improvised comedy in Copenhagen with None Direction when he’s not busy with his family.