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Taming the Wild West

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Prerequisites: Improv Essentials: Advanced Scene Work and Long Form Basics or equivalent

Get ready for a rip-roaring adventure through shootouts, showdowns, and Wild West wonders as you saddle up for SuperCut’s 12-hour Intensive, where your genre improv skills will reach new frontiers.

While our primary focus lies in the untamed lands of the Wild West, the techniques and insights gained from this genre study workshop transcend boundaries. They can be applied to conquer any imaginative realm.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of theoretical and practical training, where you’ll explore common storylines, themes, characters, locations, objects, lingo, and more!

This course will enable you to develop a deep understanding of genre improv beyond clich├ęs and accents, empowering you to create authentic, relatable, and unforgettable moments on stage.