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Characters: POV & Subversion

Characters: POV & Subversion

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Embark on a 6-hour journey into character development and disrupting stereotypes with ‘Characters: Point of View and Subversion.’ This immersive experience delves into diverse archetypes, transcending genres, eras, and locales.

Uncover versatile characterization techniques applicable to any scene. Learn to craft engaging character viewpoints that draw audiences into their minds. Embrace the power of unspoken moments to convey emotions and intentions through silence. Master character archetypes, creating unexpected twists.

Join us in this enlightening workshop to unlock the secrets of character creation that resonate across narratives. Discover character treasures within your imagination and emerge as a skilled storyteller capable of captivating any scene.

Enter the boundless realm of character exploration, where personas come alive to shine in any scenario.