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La Ronde Performance

La Ronde Performance

Experience Level: Advanced

Mastering the fabled La Ronde format will elevate your improvisation prowess and take you to the next step in your journey.

Through this 4-week course, we will learn this challenging and rewarding staple of long-form improv, honing in on the performance skills required by La Ronde and applicable in many other long forms:

  • Group Dynamics and Performing as an Ensemble
  • Character-building
  • Scene editing and timing
  • On-stage adaptability

Take the stage with confidence! Reserve your spot and discover firsthand why La Ronde is a favorite amongst the most experienced performers around the world.

🎭 Performance
As part of the course, you will put your newfound skills to the test by performing La Ronde live on stage as part of Inconspicuous Comedy Nights. This is a unique chance to showcase your abilities and gain valuable experience in front of a paying audience.