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Characters: POV & Subversion

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Embark on a 6-hour journey into character development and disrupting stereotypes with ‘Characters: Point of View and Subversion.’ This immersive experience delves into diverse archetypes, transcending genres, eras, and locales.

Uncover versatile characterization techniques applicable to any scene. Learn to craft engaging character viewpoints that draw audiences into their minds. Embrace the power of unspoken moments to convey emotions and intentions through silence. Master character archetypes, creating unexpected twists.

Join us in this enlightening workshop to unlock the secrets of character creation that resonate across narratives. Discover character treasures within your imagination and emerge as a skilled storyteller capable of captivating any scene.

Enter the boundless realm of character exploration, where personas come alive to shine in any scenario.

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Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Have you ever considered acting out a pizza parlor like it’s a medical drama, urgently doing ‘surgery’ on a hole in a pizza?
Or delving deep into the shadows of a kindergarten as kid detectives hunt down the culprit behind Cindy’s broken toy before nap time?

These aren’t just fun ideas. They’re prime examples of “mapping” – the art of transplanting well-known stories and themes into unexpected settings and drawing parallels between the two to create funny and unexpected long-form comedy scenes.

In this 6-hour deep dive, our emphasis will be on:
* Identifying and selecting universally recognized stories and scenarios.
* Transplanting these situations into novel and quirky environments.
* Committing to these silly scenes with truthfulness, commitment, and consistency.

Whether you’re an improv novice or a seasoned performer, come join me for a silly day of serious learning.

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Long Form Proficiency

Long Form Proficiency is part of our Improv Proficiency tier, designed for students who have mastered the fundamentals in Improv Essentials. This course focuses on more advanced long form improvisation techniques, preparing students for complex and sustained performances.

Students will explore:

  • Advanced Formats: Dive deeper into long form formats such as Harold and Deconstruction, learning the intricacies and advanced techniques of each.
  • Advanced Edits: Master a variety of advanced editing techniques to ensure smooth and dynamic transitions between scenes.
  • Openings: Learn and practice various scene openings to set strong foundations and engage the audience from the start.
  • Callbacks and Running Bits: Using callbacks and running bits effectively throughout a long form performance.
  • Theme Exploration: Deepening the understanding and execution of themes throughout a performance.

Join us to elevate your long form improv skills and take your performances to the next level with advanced formats, edits, and openings.


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Character Proficiency

Character Proficiency is part of our Improv Proficiency tier, designed for students ready to build on foundational skills learned in Improv Essentials. This course focuses on advanced character work, enhancing your ability to create compelling and nuanced performances.

Students will explore:

  • Point of View: Develop a strong, distinct perspective for each character, maintaining and exploring this point of view throughout scenes.
  • Emotional Range: Expand the range of emotions expressed in scenes, using emotional depth to drive interactions.
  • Physical Characterization: Use physicality to create and distinguish characters, employing body language and movement to convey emotions and traits.
  • Vocal Variety: Utilize vocal tones, accents, and speech patterns to enhance characters, ensuring vocal choices align with character traits and emotions.
  • Character Relationships: Build and explore complex relationships between characters, reflecting dynamics and evolution within scenes.
  • Character Objectives: Define clear objectives for characters, driving scenes through characters’ goals and desires.
  • Consistency and Flexibility: Maintain character consistency across different scenes while adapting flexibly to fit various scenarios.
  • Reacting and Adapting: React authentically to other characters and scene developments, adapting character responses based on changing circumstances.

Join us to deepen your character work proficiency and tackle more challenging material, preparing you for advanced improvisational performances!

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Scene Work Proficiency

Scene Work Proficiency is part of our Improv Proficiency tier, designed for students ready to build on necessary skills learned in Improv Essentials. This course introduces more complex techniques, enhancing your ability to create compelling and nuanced performances.

Students will explore:

  • Scene Dynamics: Understand and manipulate the energy and flow of scenes to maintain tension and interest.
  • Justification and Motivation: Provide clear justifications for characters’ actions and decisions, exploring characters’ motivations to drive the scene forward.
  • Environment and Space Utilization: Use physical space creatively to enhance scenes and establish and maintain a clear environment.
  • Advanced Offers and Acceptance: Make and accept offers that add depth and complexity, building scenes collaboratively with nuanced contributions.
  • Heightening and Exploring: Elevate scenes by building on established ideas, exploring different facets to add depth and interest.
  • Pacing and Timing: Control the rhythm of scenes for maximum impact, knowing when to accelerate or decelerate the action.
  • Mapping: Identify and establish patterns or parallels in scenes, using mapping to create structure and coherence in performances.
  • Thematic Consistency: Maintain themes and motifs throughout scenes, creating cohesive and interconnected narratives.
  • Game and Pattern: Learn to recognise and frame the fun part of the scene.

Join us to enhance your scene work proficiency and tackle more challenging material, preparing you for advanced improvisational performances!

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Neat Little Bow

Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Prerequisites: Improv Essentials: Two Person Scenes and Long Form Basics or equivalent

In this dynamic workshop, participants will learn how to deliver on the unspoken contract we write with an audience, including setups, payoffs, and conclusions. And how there is an arch in every show.

Through fun, fast-paced group work, we will discover; How to spot the plots and subplots of each scene; How to keep track of the bigger picture; When to drop the big reveal; And how to work with your fellow players to deliver the endings that the audience is and sometimes is not expecting.

This course is perfect for those looking to hone their listening and communication skills. And strengthen their lateral thinking and group work.

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Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

  • Relationship building
  • Active Listening
  • Status dynamics
  • Offers and acceptance
  • Endowing
  • Finding Fun
  • Space Work

Any choice can work and be believable as long as it’s justified.
Justification is the quickest way for an audience to connect to a character and for a show to become enthralling.

This three-hour intensive class will explore how to make the crazy seem logical. Through new and challenging exercises, participants will learn how to get into the mind of and understand the choices of any character they create.
While also learning the importance of justification and believability when reacting to a rapport with the audience.

These skills are ideal for anyone who wants to make bolder, bigger movies on stage. And learn that there is no such thing as a bad choice as long as it’s Justified.