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Experience Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Have you ever considered acting out a pizza parlor like it’s a medical drama, urgently doing ‘surgery’ on a hole in a pizza?
Or delving deep into the shadows of a kindergarten as kid detectives hunt down the culprit behind Cindy’s broken toy before nap time?

These aren’t just fun ideas. They’re prime examples of “mapping” – the art of transplanting well-known stories and themes into unexpected settings and drawing parallels between the two to create funny and unexpected long-form comedy scenes.

In this 6-hour deep dive, our emphasis will be on:
* Identifying and selecting universally recognized stories and scenarios.
* Transplanting these situations into novel and quirky environments.
* Committing to these silly scenes with truthfulness, commitment, and consistency.

Whether you’re an improv novice or a seasoned performer, come join me for a silly day of serious learning.