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Improv Performance

Improv Performance courses prepare students for live performances. They emphasize rehearsal, ensemble work, and stage presence and culminate in public performances that showcase the students’ skills and creativity. Ideal for advanced students, these courses provide real-world performance experience and help students refine their techniques in a performance setting.

Experience Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: Improv Proficiency: Longform Formats and Advanced Scene Work

Students will learn and develop:

  • Audience Interaction: Techniques for interacting with and responding to live audiences.
  • Adapting to Live Audiences: Adjusting performances based on audience reactions and feedback.
  • Handling Stage Fright: Techniques to manage and overcome performance anxiety.
  • Improvising Under Pressure: Performing confidently and creatively under live performance conditions.

Core Skills

The core skills learned in Improv Performance

  • Show Formats: Mastering various formats to deliver compelling performances.
  • Ensemble Work: Enhancing collaboration and cohesion within a performing group.
  • Stage Presence: Commanding the stage and engaging the audience.
  • Professionalism: Developing a professional attitude and work ethic.
  • Rehearsal Techniques: Effective practices for preparing for live performances.
  • Practice and Dedication: Cultivating consistent practice habits and dedication to the craft.
  • Performance Energy and Stamina: Maintaining high energy and focus throughout a performance.
  • Post-Performance Reflection and Feedback: Analyzing performances and incorporating feedback for improvement.

Past Workshops and Courses

Have a look through our past workshops and courses to get inspired about whats to come. Teachers are available for hire for private group courses so if you assemble a group of improvisers and have a course you are interested in contact us.