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Improv Essentials

Experience Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Workshops and courses that focus on techniques, fundamental skills, and essential concepts that form the backbone of improv.

These workshops are open to Beginners to Intermediate improvisers who have learned the basic principles of improvisation (ie they have completed Improv Foundations or equivalent)

Prerequisites: Improv Foundations or equivalent

Core Skills

The core skills learned in Improv Essentials

Two-Person Scene Essentials

  • Relationship building
  • Active Listening
  • Status dynamics
  • Offers and acceptance
  • Endowing
  • Finding Fun
  • Space Work

Group Dynamics Essentials

  • Group Mind
  • Group Game
  • Group Scenes
  • Support and following
  • Heightening
  • Commitment
  • Clear Communication

Longform Improv Essentials

  • Initiations
  • Edits
  • Tag-outs
  • Walk-Ons
  • Pacing
  • Heightening
  • Callbacks and Connections

Past Workshops and Courses

Have a look through our past workshops and courses to get inspired about whats to come. Teachers are available for hire for private group courses. If you assemble a group of improvisers and have a course you are interested in, contact us.